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    lot 666 — Leon Eisermann, We will not discuss this. (2021)

sold in slot Greeds and Guts and Glories in auction Chapter 6
Concluded. 2021/9/25, 3 pm to 6 pm
auction finished. artworks are no longer visible for licensing reasons.

minimum price   900 €
price estimate   2.000 €
sale price   900 €

size   100 x 120 cm
signature   Verso
condition   Mint
technique   Oil on canvas

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MKT (2021 08 18 08:08:17)
not discuss what?

Holm Friebe (2021 08 27 01:30:21)
No questions.

erwin (2021 09 17 13:50:49)

Schwankende Bilder, Symbole und Phänomene der (deutschen) Pop- und Nachwendekultur, Motive politischer Momente und Akteure der BRD und des Internets nden sich im Werk Eisermanns ebenso wie scharfe Beobachtungen und zynischer Humor. Formal zeichnen sich seine Arbeiten sowohl durch schräge Perspektiven und ächige Farben als auch die Gleichzeitigkeit von Abstraktion und Figuration aus.

Leon Eisermann, der im ehemaligen West-Belin lebt und arbeitet und im ehemaligen Ost-Berlin ge- boren wurde, hat im Laufe seiner Karriere mit einer Vielzahl von Medien experimentiert, kehrte jedoch immer wieder zur Zeichnung, Malerei und Skulptur zurück. Er studierte in der Klasse von Thomas Zipp an der Universität der Künste in Berlin und bei Judith Hopf an der Städel Schule in Frankfurt am Main. Seine Arbeiten wurden in Ausstellungen bei MCLAUGHLIN, PS120, Berlin, Gillmeier Rech, Berlin, MeetFactory, Prag, Karlin Studios, Prag, Garrett Grimoire, Wien, Trekhgornaya Manufaktur, Moskau, und Alexander Levy, Berlin gezeigt.

erwin (2021 09 22 14:32:20)

A slight feeling of extinction fills my stomach every time I hear “ohhhhh you must be one of the last of the “old Berlin people”. You must be one of the new ones, I think to myself.

The animal at hand does not exist, but its personality remains somewhere deep in the elephant's DNA. Elephants are excellent at remembering things for all their lives. They can remember an abusive circus director until death.

And when the director retires into the posh suburbs where he no longer has anything to do with the circus, even then the elephant remembers. And if he would cross his path, he would stomp him, as revenge for the abuse inflicted upon him decades before.
You can take the elephant out of the circus, but you can't take the circus out of the elephant.

It has been a rumor for some time that during WW2, the Germans had a secret elephant bunker in Berlin, in which they trained elephants to fly revenge-seeking bombing raids over Europe and elsewhere. Their ears became wings, fueled by hate and Pervitin-laced peanuts.

The ‘WW2 Bunker Program’ was shut down in 1975 after the Green Party discovered its existence. After they opened the bunker doors they were greeted by the last remaining two soldiers, and one scientist who happily showed them around. But after they felt the hostility of the Green Party towards them, the soldiers and scientists bit the cyanide, which had been hidden behind their teeth. .The Green Party members then tried to have the last remaining three elephants reintegrated into the zoo population. It did not work out at all. The animals were too far gone into revenge fantasies and questionable political views. The Pervitin addiction wasn´t helping either.
They had to put them down. The bunker will be turned into a museum quite soon. It's a quiet space really. Investors, art aficionados and start-up politicians are head over heels for the new redevelopment.

Living in a city that's constantly changing can feel like being in a never-ending break up with someone. You tell yourself it's going to be okay but since it's neverending you need to find other ways to cope, asshole. But Finding a way to cope with nostalgia, remembrance, hurt and the future feels ever more depressing these days. Becoming a wooly mammoth could help, with waxy thick ancient fur like teflon. And skin as thick as 20 layers of vintage Berlin t-shirts.

You can take the elephant out of the circus but you can't take the circus out of the elephant.

Feeling old yet?