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    lot 727 — Irene Fernández Arcas, “Altar of reborn sculptures and other self transformation goddesses” (2019 - 2021)

unsold in slot Let experi­ments become attitude / THE FAIREST in auction Chapter 6
Concluded. 2021/9/25, 3 pm to 6 pm
auction finished. artworks are no longer visible for licensing reasons.

minimum price   2.600 €
price estimate   3.300 €

size   Flag 115 x 30 cm; ceramic 12 x 7 x 4 cm
edition   Unique
signature   With certificate
provenience   Artist
condition   Perfect
technique   Dye inks on textile; glazed and fired ceramic

"The Altar for Self Transformation was created with a research into figures of goddess and fertility sculptures that have been found and made for the last 25 000 years on our planet, many of those representing vulvas and mothers. Such figures and symbolism we have forgotten about or even made taboo for many years, under the patriarchal art history monopoly. I was trying to honour this ancient knowledge, and the vulvas, and the mothers, and the goddesses, aiming for a collective self transformation in which we heal, transcending to an equal treatment of humans, independent of gender and sex. And honouring all sexual and erotic organs in an equal form. For this process that can be understood metaphorically as sublimation, I chose a dye method also called sublimation, that I disintegrated and researched in a manual way for some years, until arriving to a perfectionism of my own methodology of monotopy."

Irene’s painting follows dye ink techniques of the 60s–it can be understood as a monotype. Drawing with inks on paper, the outcome is transparent and grey. Then an almost alchemical procedure follows, which Irene has been experimenting with for 4 years, using different inks and steps. Ultimately she presses the drawings using a heat press where the inks became liquid and stick to the textile, changing the intensity of the colours. The result cannot be predetermined and this eliminates the artist’s own critical judgement while creating.

Irene paints out of gesture and intuition. The complexity lays in the experimentation.

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