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    lot 297 — Anna Ley, Gleisdreieck (2018)

unsold in slot Phosphenes, Flies and other Dots in auction Chapter 3
Concluded. 2021/9/4, 3 pm to 6 pm
auction finished. artworks are no longer visible for licensing reasons.

minimum price   3.100 €
price estimate   3.700 €

size   51 x 35 1/2 inch
edition   Unique
signature   Signed
provenience   Galerie Kai Erdmann
condition   Perfect
technique   Acrylic on canvas

The painting "Gleisdreieck" shows a street, respectively house corner as it occurs in Troisdorf Friedrich-Wilhelms-Hütte in North Rhine-Westphalia, the hometown of the artist or as it could occur in any dreary industrial small town of the FRG. Plastered gray in gray; the only bright spot the orange, garish suggestion of an awning, which refers to the garden idyll behind it. The picture Gleisdreieck is the petit-bourgeois answer to the picture "Floraplatz", which stands for the proletarian-migrant quarter of Troisdorf Friedrich-Wilhelms-Hütte. A high-rise building from the "Blumensiedlung" can be seen. A balcony of the house is on fire.

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