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    Los 401 — Isabelle Borges, The Message (2021)

Unverkauft im Slot YUMMY! the power of attraction der Auktion Chapter 4
Beendet. 11.9.2021, 15 bis 18 Uhr
Auktion beendet. Werkbilder sind aus Lizenzgründen nicht mehr zu sehen.

Mindestpreis   500 €
Schätzpreis   1.200 €

Größe   25 x 25 x 6 cm
Edition   Unikat
Signatur   Verso
Zustand   Tadellos
Technik   Digitaldruck auf Projektorfolie und synthetisches Papier

Artists Statement
I am a Brazilian born artist. Living and working in Berlin .
The main theme of my work is space and how we perceive it. It’s about the space behind the space, the in between spaces. I perceive the space between things not as been empty, but like a fabric, that folds and moves, uncovering many layers of our perceived reality. The spatiality created in my work happens through folds of planes and lines. , be it thorough paintings, paper cuts, collages, installations.
In fact, the tensioned field in which my work develops is between the subtitle , almost the impossibility of a representation of a dramatic scientific space which is always moving – a folding space. This been explored in a minimalistic aesthetic, a concentrated form of the absolutely necessary.
Thus, I´ve been researching different tendencies of art found in Brazil as well as European Tradition such as concrete art, constructivism ,neo concrete, and dadaism. I´m specially interested in how artists like lygia Clark, Almicar de Castro and Mira Schendel explored the limits of formal two dimentional space, questioning through the abstract art the status quo- the way we see and interact with our surroundings.
In the present work, I´m dealing with collages and layering not only by juxtaposing different materials, but also layering of ideas and spacial perception. A whole series of work has been evolved as a result of a poetic process in which I study nature structures by folding, layering and flattering space through color fields, lines and shapes.. By doing so, a three dimensional illusion of space is created. The walls become also an active rolle in the work by been painted and integrated with the pieces.
Site-specific wall murals have become also a way where I recently explore space. The same, dynamic and movement found in the paintings and paper works are also to be seem in the site specific wall pieces.

Wo und wie Sie bieten können
Direkt hier auf der Webseite (s.o.), vor Ort bei der Auktion in Berlin, über unseren Partner lot-tissimo, schriftlich per Gebotszettel oder live per Telefon (nach Rücksprache mit dem Auktionator).


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