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    Los 404 — Semra Sevin, Body Reflection NYC 04, Standard Hotel (2016)

Unverkauft im Slot YUMMY! the power of attraction der Auktion Chapter 4
Beendet. 11.9.2021, 15 bis 18 Uhr
Mindestpreis   4.800 €
Schätzpreis   6.100 €

Größe   130 x 190 cm
Edition   1/4 +2AP
Signatur   Verso
Rahmen   Barockrahmen
Zustand   Tadellos
Technik   gyclee print satin

Semra Sevin’s “Body Reflections” series was created in a unique process in which female nudes are arranged with layers of foils or projections, opening up a manifold of perspectives to the viewer. At first glance there seems to be no definitive surface to these photographs, but rather an abundance of structures. These complex and distinctly orchestrated arrangements surprisingly offer up far more references to a “reality” than a purely documentary-photographic style would. Sevin’s photographs lay within the tradition of experimental photography (Man Ray, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Hans Breder, among others) intertwining elements of abstraction and figuration.
Los Angeles, the capital of illusive reality (that of moving pictures), is quite literally characterized here as elsewhere by the Californian sun and its multitude of flora. Yet Sevin’s depiction of California is also characterized by a more generous architecture and the landscape of the highway. Here the models seem to have a more intimate relationship with their own body. The New York City pictures suggest the distant and alluring skyline of a city, simultaneously extremely aloof and brutally direct. Through her European gaze Sevin resonates on New York’s swelling social stratification where the rich and poor live in closest proximity without interacting on a personal level.
Text: Wayra Schübel

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