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    Los 706 — Zuzanna Czebatul, „The Cut (Bludgeon)“ (2020)

Unverkauft im Slot Let experi­ments become attitude / THE FAIREST der Auktion Chapter 6
Beendet. 25.9.2021, 15 bis 18 Uhr
Auktion beendet. Werkbilder sind aus Lizenzgründen nicht mehr zu sehen.

Mindestpreis   2.700 €
Schätzpreis   3.200 €

Größe   42 x 65 cm
Edition   Unique
Signatur   Certificate
Provenienz   Sans titre (2016), Marseille
Zustand   Perfect
Technik   Concrete, pigments

Analysis of the aesthetics of symbols and power relations is central to the practice of Polish artist Zuzanna Czebatul. She plays with monuments, literal and figurative, with emblems and representations of figures of authority, be it political, economic or social. Her Cut series refers to the opus sectile, a term that one could translate by “ cut work ”. This ancestral technique uses cut marble and stones to create decorative paving. Since ancient times, this sumptuous decoration made with the most luxurious materials has been the symbol of opulence and power. They ensure the renown both of the artisan and of his patron. Zuzanna Czebatul approaches this heritage from the other side by inventing her own technique and creates a contrast by using modest materials : concrete and dyed cement. In a self-referential way, almost like a joke or a pun, she chooses to represent knives, objects whose essence is to cut, carve, fragment and tear up. Like food, they represent the labor of cooking. These subjects chosen by the artist are also a nod to tradition: in a rich man’s domus opus sectile mosaics would feature motifs linked to the function of the room that they decorated. The kitchen, synonymous with sharing and togetherness, can also evoke division or scission. It is here that is expressed all the solitude of the housewife preparing the evening meal, of children dining before their elders. This is therefore the room where issues of power in the home are manifested in the most exacerbated way. The artist cathartically sets out to break with these relational patterns inherited from the past.

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